Cooking and Hair Care Wonders: Cold-Pressed Virgin Olive Oil Benefits

Cold-Pressed Virgin Olive oil is nature’s gift to us, which is known for its flavor and health benefits.

A bottle of Cold-Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, your natural companion for cooking and hair care. Pure, light, and promoting growth and well-being effortlessly.

Wood cold pressed olive oil is derived from olives, which are the fruits of the olive trees. These olives are initially ground into a paste and then pressed to obtain the olive oil. There is no heating involved, hence it is referred to as cold-pressed. Olive oil is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, but its health benefits have made it indispensable in Indian food as well. Beyond its taste and flavor, it is also beneficial to hair health.

Olive oil is high in good fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, which benefit both the body and the mind.

First, let's learn about olives: 

Olives are fruits like other fruits, but they are distinguished by their high fat content, oleic acid, as well as their carbohydrate and fiber content. Although olive trees are not native to India, they have been grown successfully in Rajasthan since 2007. Rajasthan’s warm climate meets all the production requirements for olive trees.

Cooking and health 

In cooking and health, cold-pressed virgin olive oil is highly valued. It's made carefully to keep its goodness intact, offering many health benefits. Olive oil benefits also include skin and hair growth.

Poshtik Sutra extracts virgin olive oil with great care. First, we handpicked ripe olives and pressed them with wood to form a paste, which we then put into a slow-speed machine at very low temperature to preserve the olives' natural flavor, color, and nutrients.

Health benefits of cold-pressed virgin olive oil:

Good for Heart

Cold-pressed virgin olive oil is great for cardiovascular health. It has healthy fats and antioxidants that keep the heart strong. These fats can lower bad cholesterol and antioxidants prevent inflammation and stress in the heart.

Boosts  Immune System

Cold-pressed virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins E and K that help to boost the immune system, which helps the body in fighting off illness and infections, keeping you healthy.

Improves heart health and strengthens bones

Cold-pressed virgin olive oil contains iron which increases red blood cells, copper to keep the heart healthy and calcium to strengthen bones and muscles.

Cancer prevention

Its high antioxidant and oleic acid reduce the risk of cancer.

Aids skin health

Cold-pressed virgin olive oil isn't just for cooking, it's also a beauty secret! It has an anti-aging property which fights aging and makes your skin glow. 

Olive oil for hair health

Olive oil makes hair shiny and strong, and it promotes hair growth.

Cooking Delight

Poshtik Sutra brings the best olive oil for cooking in India. Our cold-pressed pure olive oil tastes delicious and can be used in many dishes, like salad dressings, sandwiches and spreads or cooking. It stays healthy even when you heat it up.

Tips for Buying Virgin Olive Oil

When selecting cold-pressed virgin edible olive oil, choose high-quality "extra virgin" options in dark glass bottles to shield it from light, as exposure to light raises the temperature of the oil and affects its intrinsic qualities.

Wellness Regime

Add Poshtik Sutra’s extra light olive oil to your wellness regimen. A gentle massage on the skin and scalp with this nutritious oil can revitalize your skin and hair.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with Cold-Pressed Virgin Olive Oil 

Some products have captured the minds and tastes of health-conscious people like our extra light olive oil. Its perfect combination of health advantages and culinary delights makes it true super food. So, the next time you go for an edible olive oil that not only enhances the flavor of your food but also benefits your health, remember the liquid gold that is cold-pressed virgin olive oil.

If you're interested in attaining optimal health and wellness, exploring the numerous benefits of cold-pressed virgin olive oil is a fascinating journey worth taking.


Poshtik Sutra cold-pressed virgin olive oil offers incredible quality and health benefits. It supports your heart, boosts your immune system, enhances skin and hair health and adds amazing flavor to your meals. So, don't hesitate! Start enjoying the tasty, healthy benefits of cold-pressed olive oil today. Remember,  life is too short to say no to OLIVE OIL.


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