About Us

A Journey Towards Pure and Healthy Foods

We see a beautiful green land of Uttar Pradesh, Dibai- a small town now , where a man named Rakesh Kumar gupta has born and grown up. He was always fascinated by agriculture and the environment around him. He studied hard and acquired knowledge of farming practices that he saw around him. He learned how to grow crops in a sustainable way so that it benefits both the farmers and the environment. Rakesh gupta went on to pursue engineering and post-graduation from IIT Kharagpur, and he passed with first-class distinction. Later, he pursued MBA from Delhi University, and passes that too with the first class distinction
He started his professional journey by working for a Swiss-collaborated company HMT, where he learned the technical skills of how to inculcate quality and precision. He gained expertise in manufacturing and cost reduction.He then worked as an entrepreneur to manufacture and supply auto Components for Vehicles Produced by Indian joint ventures of Suzuki and Honda companies ,with the aim of learning the Japanese art of working with systems and mass production with excellence .This gave him a new perspective and a global outlook.

For his contributions to the industry, the Government of India rewarded / honoured him for excellence in manufacturing and cost reduction.With the lack of immunity, He felt a strong need for pure and healthy foods at affordable cost And of International quality in India to enhance average lifespan of individuals and reduce monthly medical expenses of common men. He realized that the use of four whites - salt, sugar, oil, and maida - has reduced the average lifespan to 40 years from 100 years. He was determined to change this and decided to start supplying pure and natural products to country & country men. This would give women employment as well and helps in increasing the income of farmers.He started his journey by sourcing pure and natural ingredients from farmers .He ensured that these ingredients were free from any chemical additives or preservatives. He started a his own company to manufacture pure and healthy food products Word of mouth spread quickly, and people started demanding his products. Rakesh Ji’s company grew rapidly, and he started employing more and more people, especially women, to help him in manufacturing process. Today, his company is a well-known brand that supplies pure and natural food products across the country. His company has not only helped people lead a healthy lifestyle but has also helped farmers to increase their income by supplying them with a stable market for their products.and employment to women

It is rightly said, “What we eat has a direct effect on our mind and body”. Our human lives are prone to multiple health issues, and it is crucial to consume right. With a balanced diet, nutrition and perfect quality, we can strengthen immunity to save ourselves from medical expenses. Understanding the above scenario, Poshtik Sutra is committed to delivering health and longevity with quality products. The brand is synonymous with exceptional product quality, best-in-class ingredients, zero added colours, 100% purity and zero preservatives.             

With a perfect harmony of nature, modern Japanese and Swiss technology, adherence to zero-defect and excellence of an IIT Kharagpur topper, Poshtik Sutra is working to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We will deliver you the finest quality products without any adulteration and malpractices. When you have high-quality products on your plate, there will be reduced chances of health complications, allergies and inflated medical bills. Don’t take chances with your health and choose only the right products with us.

Let’s take the path to well-being and good health with Poshtik Sutra, where every product comes with stringent quality standards. It is time to believe in the best and keep your worries at rest. So, make the right choice now for a better way of living.