Poshtik Sutra is the promise of purity, of being natural, of living a healthy life, of taste, flavor, and nutritional value. Following traditional techniques such as drying seeds beneath the shade of trees, extracting products with moderate speed and low temperature Poshtik Sutra provides pure and natural healthy products with zero adulteration. It is also one of the leaders for female empowerment. Poshtik Sutra shows how to live a healthy lifestyle in close proximity to nature. Poshtik Sutra is dedicated to delivering health and longevity through excellent products such as Wood cold pressed oils, Bilona ghee, Spices, Sweeteners, and Salts. Pushtik Sutra’s well researched products with the treasure of Vedic periods double the health benefits of all age groups so make the right decision today for a better tomorrow.

Wooden Pressed Oil


Wood Cold Pressed

Wood cold pressed oil is an ancient method of extracting oil from seeds. The seeds are first dried and then pressed using a wooden apparatus to extract their oil.
When any food substance is heated, there's a greater chance of its nutrients deteriorating. As such, when seeds are put into machines to extract their oil, the quality of the seeds diminishes due to the friction and temperature within the machine. Moreover, seeds are often polished multiple times to enhance their shine. All these processes affect the quality of the oil, making them more impure. In contrast, extracting oil from seeds using wooden equipment enhances the purity of the oil. It makes wood cold pressed oil more nutritious than any other refined oil. We, at Poshtik Sutra, extract oil from dried seeds by using this ancient wood cold pressed method to preserve its richness, flavour and nutrition.
At Poshtik Sutra, the seeds are dried in the air rather than in the sun. This protects the elements of the seeds from the blistering heat of the sun and its harmful UV rays, preserving their quality and nutrition. Since oil is extracted by using a wood press, the seeds are not exposed to industrial procedures, nor are they subjected to high speed, friction, or high temperature, preserving their elements.
At Poshtik Sutra, women handle the entire oil-producing process from start to finish, making us one of the many examples of Female Empowerment. This provides women with the opportunity to become financially independent.
Products: Poshtik Sutra’s nutrient-rich Wood Cold Pressed Oil products are Almond oil, Apricot oil, Black Mustard seed oil, Black Sesame seed oil and Castor oil.

Poshtik Sutra Oils



At Paushtik Sutra, we bring to its consumers fresh A2 cow and buffalo milk grown in a well-equipped and managed single farm. A2 Cow and buffalo Bilona ghee, rich in anti-oxidants and linoleic acid, increases our immunity and helps regulate weight. Pure Ghee, which gives strength and intelligence, is considered nectar in Ayurveda. With hundreds of health benefits, A2 Ghee strengthens our bones along with glowing skin.
In the age of adulteration, by integrating purity and tradition, we have brought a nutritious formula to make pure desi ghee by using Bilona technology, incorporating the love of mother's hands. At Paushtik Sutra, ghee is completely made by females in a traditional manner, in which purity and high quality are guaranteed.
This golden ghee is made by squeezing butter by-hand, and is cooked on a low flame. It is then packed in glass jars to preserve its purity and richness.
Products: Poshtik Sutra’s pure high quality desi A2 cow and buffalo ghee.

Poshtik Sutra Ghee


Grindstone (Silbatta)

India is always recognized for its rich spices. During Vaidik kaal, in ancient Bharat, our sage(rishi) found some amazing plant, roots, leaves, fruits or plant extracts from woods, crushed them on silbatta as they had taste as well as medicinal properties. Today machines has taken place of silbatta.
In Pushtik Sutra, we use the ancient technique of silbatta to preserve its taste, flavor and medicinal properties.
Products: Poshtik Sutra’s tasty tangy Garam masala, Coriander powder, Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Chana masala, Chicken masala, Cumin.

Indian Spices (Masala)



Poshtik Sutra's traditional sweeteners connect us with our culture and preserve the unique taste of Indian cuisine.
'Munh meetha kijiye' is our traditional greeting. Each state in India has its unique sweet dish. Aside from that, we have a variety of sweet meals with the main component being sugar or jaggery. Poshtik Sutra provides sweeteners that are made from certified organic high-quality sugarcanes. These are rich in natural vitamins and minerals and free of adulteration. Our Pure Natural Raw Honey, a premium sweetener with a smooth, creamy texture, is collected from beehives that thrive in the most natural and uncontaminated areas. It contains no additions, preservatives, or chemicals and is made using traditional processes that retain its original flavour.
Products: Poshtik Sutra’s high quality Brown sugar, natural Bura sugar, Jaggery and Honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Poshtik Sutra Sweetners


Halt Ground

Poshtik Sutra offers high-quality unrefined salts that are additive-free and chemical-free. It has a distinct aroma and flavor, and it is high in minerals. Our natural, pure Himalayan and Pakistani salts are one-of-a-kind and have natural qualities. These are a healthy alternative to table salt. Our salts are hand ground, and the polythene-free packaging retains their natural properties and flavors.
Poshtik Sutra’s unrefined Crystal Himalayan rock salt, Black salt and Himalayan rock salt powder.

Poshtik Sutra Salts